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  1. Did it show up at one time and disappear, or have you not seen it at all? I can't find it in a search
  2. That IS definitely a gorgeous warm hue on that guitar! Glad to hear that at least there's some happiness in the end.
  3. Okay, here it is.... http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=589 And the answer to your question is because it's now on page 12 (of the Les Paul forum)
  4. *grin* Uh, ahem. Back to the op topic..... What forum did you post it in Jessenoah?
  5. I'll give Long & McQuade a call tomorrow (they're closed for today) and see if they've heard anything about them yet.
  6. Thanks for the link, Jimtlin. This one in Guitarworks is $2000.00. I went in there yesterday and it was still there. I told the guy I wanted this guitar badly and he said 'you and everyone else'. LOL I won't be getting it now tho' as I just had to dish out over $300.00 for a veterinary bill. I think fate is trying to tell me to be happy with the guitars I already have. Let me know if you pick one of those up, I'd love to hear your review.
  7. Oh, you just HAD to post a picture of that guitar, didn't you Fred. How cruel!
  8. This one I played was amazing and I'm STILL thinking about it 3 days later. The calculator is still sitting on my desk, warm from the last time I madly punched numbers into it LOL This little guitar is $2000.00, significantly less than the last Hummingbird I saw up in these parts. They had the list price at $3500.00 I think, but the sale price was $2000.00
  9. Look what I found. This guy is making his own T-shirts with Gibson logos, guitars, etc. Can he do that (legally)? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=370023075221&indexURL=2&photoDisplayType=2#ebayphotohosting
  10. Yeah, these guys have a lot of talent: good songwriters, Tom Wilson's voice is really something, the slide player is everything a slide player should be, in my opinion (I think it's Colin Linden). I think they're touring right now. Seems to me they're in Tennessee and then making their way to New York after that.
  11. Hi Natty! Yeah, that's what this one was..... gorgeous! I couldn't believe the amazing sound that came out of it. It just had so much depth and richness, not to mention volume. It had just come in on Thursday last week so it won't last long. The guy said everyone had come into the shop GAS-ing over it. Going out to check the lottery tickets tonight!
  12. This has nothing to do with Gibson, and I should really be practicing, but I decided to get creative with one of my capos. Got out my electric drill and put a shallow hole in the top. Then, I dropped a diamond in it! Do you think I should go into business??? LOL
  13. I haven't seen one of those silverbursts yet. Can you see the wood grain through the finish? Hard to say how I'd feel about it. I really like the woodiness of guitars and the further removed from the earthy woodiness, the less likely I am to like it, I think. A bubinga J-45? I'll bet that sounds GREAT! They had a Gibson bubinga something-rather in Guitarworks awhile back. For some reason I can't remember what it was. Fred, if you're reading this, do you remember? It had a rich earthy sound to it. Did Caleb Meyer arrive okay?
  14. Just got back from Guitarworks and they had a Dove and a Hummingbird Artist. The Dove was nice, but the HA was absolutely amazing! The sound was big, bright and jangly. It was everything a guitar should be. I wish I was rich. I played a few Larrivees..... again, I don't get the Larrivee thing. Not that there's anything wrong with them but I just don't hear what I want to hear when I play them. And there was a good selection of Taylors, but same thing, didn't rock my world. But that HA was one amazing guitar. Sigh....
  15. Not sure how many people have heard of this band but if you ever get a chance to see these guys, you should take it. They are really really good. They're from Ontario and just some really amazing talent. And they play a swack of Gibsons! We just lost Willie Bennet, a guy affiliated with BARK. Sad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxWrtalAsKM
  16. I noticed their username is B-Rank Strangers. I wonder if that's in reference to Townes Van Zandt? If it is, it amazes me how great it is that music can stretch so far around the world. People in Japan and Canada and all over the world have fallen in love with this kind of music.
  17. Sounds like a fine idea to me. I should warn you tho'..... I play guitar about as well as Hank thinks!! LOL
  18. And a Gibson to boot! These guys got it goin' on!
  19. Ooooh I'm jealous! That's awesome news Laura! I'm still eating twinkies.... that I bought myself! Those classically-trained shredders are pretty good. Wasn't Randy Rhoads a classically-trained shredder? I think there's quite a few famous ones out there. Glad you found a good one. My ex-boyfriend was teaching me scales, but we broke up and so my scale knowledge acquisition came to a screeching halt. I'd like to sign up for lessons here but there's more bad teachers than good I think. And my bluegrass class that was supposed to start on February 12 just got cancelled due to low enrollment. I'm s
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