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  1. I believe that big gun is at Fort Sill's artillery museum. Cool place to visit.
  2. Retired 3 years ago with 18 years in the government. Last 3 years was a desk job. Whenever anyone walked into my office and asked what i was doing my reply would always be "practicing for retirement"! Retired 4 days after turning 62. The door never had a chance to hit me in the a$$!
  3. I bought a Trump branded smoke alarm. It won’t go off in a fire because it doesn’t want me to panic.
  4. Nope. There was no attempt to hide the glue. You can see it on the inside.😁
  5. I have the Stage Right version and it sounds nothing like that! That demo sounded pretty bad! Most of it was all eq at twelve o'clock barely playing with settings.
  6. If anything, i am more confident now that there is still hope for me😄
  7. Pornhub offers $38,000 for a short film so if you see me on video mind your own business! 😄
  8. Mufflerless motorcycles! At least weld some type of metalic reed valve in the piping so you can tune them. 2 cylinder bike =power chord. Imagine Sturgis,,,,, thousands of bikes rocking to AC/DC!
  9. Love the last line, "For more information please reread" Lol!
  10. Is it really that hard to keep from injecting politics into threads?
  11. I saw Carlos Montoya in Chicago around 79. It was truly amazing how many notes could come out of one man at one time. Nylon strings and not a pick in sight!
  12. Using my wife’s scale it weighs 3 ounces! My scale says 6 pounds even. I mistakenly said chrome everything on the tribute but the pickups are uncovered zebra type. I think the futura has black covers on them.
  13. I have a 2013 future tribute. it has 57 classic and a 57 classic + for pups. Asymetrical neck. chrome everything. Has Future on the truss rod cover. The specs for the Futura, i believe, are P90H neck pup. Burstbucker 3 bridge pup. 60s neck profile. Coil splits. and a 15db boost switch.
  14. So how tall do i have to be to buy your explorer?☺️
  15. I was skeptical when i bought mine at the $199 sale price. A 15 watt all tube amp for under $500, there must be a catch. So far, no gotcha's! These are great little amps. I've been waiting for another sale to snag a second one but as mihcmac mentioned the prices are going up. Amazon has them for $279. Up 30 bucks from original price just a short time ago. So far i haven't let the smoke out of this thing yet even after a little abuse from the grandkids! Great buy!
  16. 1 million ways to die in the west with Seth MacFarlane. Night school with Kevin Hart. Both hilarious!
  17. What was wrong ? ..... YOU and your comment stating the number of office visits to a doctor was an indication of the severity of this pandemic. Your not really in the healthcare field are you? I wonder if all those people that went through the drive through testing sites were charged for an office visit and are on that chart. To say because they didn't visit a doctors office they couldn't be that sick is just stupid and would never come out a healthcare professionals mouth.
  18. Yes they did survive. What does that have to do with the chart that you posted? They are seeking care via TELEPHONE! They call to make an appointment for flu like symptoms. Some questions are asked and again they tell you they have no tests, stay home, call in medications and tell you if it gets to be life threatening go to the hospital. I am now beginning to question your credentials. Example, Husband and wife get sick with flu like symptoms. Husband is over twenty years military and still at it. He is told to stay home. Medications called into pharmacy. Military sends the local health department to administer test. Did not test wife. Said they have too few tests and if you have it she has it. I have more!
  19. Doesn’t change the fact that drs didn’t want you in their office with flu symptoms. So if your not counted on a chart somewhere because you didn’t get a test means it never happened right? By the way up until a week ago, no you couldn’t get a test and they are still not readily available to everyone. What does me knowing how many things cause flu like symptoms have to do with anything?
  20. Knew that was coming! Let me edit my statement although changing the wording doesn’t change the facts. “Had flu like symptoms”. How’s that....How do you know they didn’t?
  21. Is there a chart for hospital admissions? Not ONE person who has had this virus that i know personally visited a doctors office! They did not want them in there since there were no tests (had to be on your deathbed and admitted to the hospital to get one) and as of yet they couldn't do anything anyway so medications were called into a pharmacy and you wait it out. Your chart means nothing.
  22. Knowing nothing about farming please excuse my ignorance. Are you planting what the current market wants or planting something for international sales in the hopes that the tariffs will end. If the tariffs don't end what happens. Is there such a thing as tariff insurance? I know they have it for bugs, blight, drought, flood. Do the buyers tell you what their expected needs are for the year? Is it done by a quota or contract of some type or just what you think will bring the most profit? How do you know how much and of what to plant? As far as the bailouts, the last one i didn't have a problem with. The rug was pulled out from underneath you. This round i'm on the fence with. No argument or anything like that just curious. If it is known that there is no market for something do you plant it anyway in the hopes things will change? If soybeans took a dump and the demand and price dropped by two thirds, and the current situation hasn't changed, do you plant soybeans again the next year?
  23. At this time we don't know enough about this virus to even think about herd immunity even if it was an option! Plan, approach, course of action, way to go, in this context they mean the same thing. Please stop telling people that this is a very, very mild illness in healthy young people. Even the news media stopped telling that lie. I think it was BBP's son, my daughter, my son in law and thousands of others would be more than happy to argue this point with you. No misunderstanding. You are advocating we develop a plan (you did say plan this time) for herd immunity without knowing if it would actually work yet only this time your saying only do it to the young and healthy.
  24. I am paying attention. Herd immunity for humans should never ever be a plan.
  25. When i hear "stable genius" i think of horse stalls and the guy who is the best at shoveling horse dookie. When i hear "herd immunity" i think of cows. Put them all in the same pen and it is survival of the fittest . If they die no big deal we were going to slaughter them anyway. I am saddened by the fact that some people think this is ok for humans. No concern for others lives. And from medical professionals no less!
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