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  1. As arthritis continues to weaken my hands and make for painful playing on steel strings I find myself turning more and more to nylon stringed guitars. Fortunately I have two very good ones, a Martin 00-18G and it's rosewood brother a 00-28G. The wider fingerboards and lower tension of the nylon strings allow me more playing time with less effort, less pain. So long flatpicking. It's been fun.


    I've decided to pass. Really just an acoustic guy at heart.
  3. Looks legit to me. Maybe Gibson's getting wise to the fact Grovers don't really belong on a J-45 and have gone back to Klusons ( generic ones though in this case).


    I think it's a '54, all original. Pix I've seen show it's pretty clean. Solid older hardshell. Price is around 2K. Sorry, don't know how to post pix. Would like to use it for jazz comping.


    Considering one. Your thoughts, anyone?
  6. Bob Shane's double black guard D-28 first appeared on their Capitol album #16. Shocked the heck outta me.
  7. Another vote for Taylor Mullins. I had him make me a dark celluloid one to replace the flubber on my '16 J-45.
  8. I've had a few over the years and like you sold them off for other things but a few months ago bought a used '16 locally. Sounded like most good J-45s sound. Action was low and the guitar had no "issues". I feel it plays and sounds just fine. I was never a fan of adi nor baked tops so a Standard was what I was looking for. Swapped out the Grovers for Klusons and replaced the flubber guard with one from Taylor Mullins and I'm good to go. Haven't done anything with the internal pickup, doesn't bother me. Same for the nut and saddle. In general I think most modern J-45s are consistent. As folks say, better to play before purchase but if that opportunity doesn't present itself I'd feel confident with just about any J-45 these days.
  9. While I use Retro lights on my J-45 I do beef up the b string to a 17 and the e to a 13. Feel this gives me a tad more heft to the treble tones.
  10. Great tones, great singing and some fine fingerpicking. Thanks, Ce.
  11. Another vote for light nickels. On my J-45 I've been using Martin Retros and subbing a 13 for the e and a 17 for the b strings.
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  13. Late to the game, but that was really fine. So well done. Thanks for the music and the memories.
  14. My thoughts and prayers go out to OWF, his family and his friends. Will be missed.
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