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  1. A big sky yes on the black 12 fretter!
  2. Wish Gibson'd put that thick baseball neck on a J-45 to be sold in the US.
  3. So the glue runout is on the Top? All around the bridge? That smacks of a repair. Maybe a bridge replacement. Also, possibly done by someone less that expert in bridge work.
  4. It's basically a long scale J-45. Maybe slightly punchier than a Standard due to the longer scale? Standard modern Gibson neck measurements rather than the original Texan's 1 5/8 nut. Oh and Gibson decided apparently to squash down (shorten) the headstock too on the reissue.
  5. I'm sad to read this. Thank you, Tony, for all the inspiring music. RIP.
  6. After working a a wholesale meat market the entire Summer between 10th and 11th grade I'd saved up enough and went downtown to our biggest music store and bought a Martin 0-16NY, paying list at that time. Who knew any better back in '61? That model had just been released by Martin along with the 00-21NY. I was in tone heaven. To this day I still have one of those, just not my original one.
  7. Never a great fan of Gibson's original LG body shape anyway, I too find the new reissue LG2 shape quite attractive. Unfortunately I saw that the necks on this model are narrower than standard, which is too bad for me.
  8. A visual comparison by bringing both images together is what has led me to suggest that Gibson's new Reissue LG2 has the same body shape as the American Eagle, which is not the original shape of Gibson's LG series in the past.
  9. I've noticed that this reissue LG2 has the body shape of the LG2 American Eagle, so not the original LG series body.
  10. It really doesn't look like the Songwriter body is the same shape as a Hummingbird body.
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