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  1. Are you absolutely positive of the W in the NW1? Pic? That digit should be the tailpiece, and being a stopbar should be H. Other ones of that model I looked at were NH. Could be a mistake.
  2. Almost. N = Nickel Hardware H = Hardtail 1 = Gibson distribution code
  3. gnappi can indeed tell you quite a bit about it. That's a great ES-330 '59 reissue you have there. Not sure where you get the "hand made at Memphis Custom Shop" from, as there was never any Custom Shop in Memphis. Gibson did say some really misleading things, though. Here is a nice review on it: https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/hands-on-review-gibson-memphis-1959-es-330-historic/
  4. Hard to describe, but I would say less hot. Not better, not worse. Just different.
  5. Thanks, you've illustrated that the deception is even worse than I was aware of. Not only a moving target, but inconsistent. Sure, they had a genuine "need" to try to identify special models, ones that were supposed to be a cut above the average ones. But their use of "Custom" and "Custom Shop" especially the sporadic use, was serving only their marketing and sales, and was doing their discerning customer a disservice. Understanding the models became quite difficult.
  6. Right, so they we "custom shop" by name only. Which is totally misleading. I don't think that was a fair thing for Gibson to do. They were intentionally being deceptive. It is hard to argue they weren't. FWIW, this was also done with some Gibson USA models. Even more deceptive there to me. I do take exception to what you said, I don't believe any of them came with CS serial numbers. and the COAs did not say Custom or Custom Shop. CS still means true Custom Shop. I should also be noted that even though those Memphis models were not true Custom Shop, Memphis generally made real
  7. I believe the difference in pups alone would be enough to make it quite different. I have an SG with 490s and one with '61 zebras. When I got the latter, I was surprised how different it is.
  8. You can debate anything, doesn't mean it does or may have existed. There is good reason for this question to come up. But the answer, with answers to the questions to back it up, is that there was never a Custom Shop in Memphis. That's a fact, so debate away if you like.
  9. Not familiar with this particular "Custom Shop" reference, but I do know this was done in Memphis with some ES models. They used the same "Custom Shop" reference. In this case it was technically a model that was "Custom Shop Series". A well hidden detail making one think they were made in the Custom Shop. But they were made in Memphis. And Memphis never had a Custom Shop. I didn't know they pulled the same shenanigans with some Gibson USA models.
  10. No I didn't go back to the other thread, I addressed what you posted here which was misleading. That's why I qualified what I said with "unless there is more to it". My point is still valid whether or not I read the prior thread. Obvious now that you had more major problems. Regardless, I'm glad you persevered and got satisfactory results. One shouldn't have to go through all of that, but in the end, it is what you end up with that matters. That may sound rather obvious, but it is too easy to lose sight of that when you are in the middle of problems.
  11. If one pays for a new guitar, I guess one can reject one that isn't perfect. But unless there is more to it than that little chip in the finish, I probably would not have sent it back. If the real world of what can be expected, that is really no big deal. Only due to forums full of chest beaters that demand rejection of anything that isn't perfect that those little things now loom large. The first thing to do when something like this is encountered is to play it an fully, and objectively evaluate. Unless you bought it for display, how it sounds and plays is the most import thing about it
  12. No, NH definitely does not mean nickel hardware. N is for nickel hardware, but the H is not for hardware, it has to do with the bridge/tailstock. That is widely believed and misstated, but not true. That misinterpretation probably came from Les Paul circles where there is rarely anything other than a hardtail. All you need for proof is look at any Gibson model number for a guitar that has anything other than a hardtail. Floyd I believe has an F there. I know Maestros has an M there. Totally disproves the H is for hardware. That's hard proof, not a belief.
  13. You know the rules. Pics or it didn't happen! You may want to consider Steinberger tuners like some of the newer Birds have, like my 2015. Don't know if these are exactly the right ones, but like these: https://www.stewmac.com/parts-and-hardware/tuning-machines/solid-peghead-guitar-tuning-machines/steinberger-gearless-tuners.html
  14. Search old threads here. This has been discussed. ME is a legit s/n. The custom shop logo in not on all the models/years, that was only done for a limited time. FWIW, that custom shop logo simply means that it was a "Custom Shop Series" model made in Memphis. There was never a Custom Shop in Memphis. Yes, intentional deception by Gibson marketing. Don't get me wrong, they are still great quality guitars.
  15. I suggest you listen to some current playing reviews of Strats that you are considering. That should tell you if the Strat sound is what you want or not. The rest should be self-explanatory.
  16. Yeah, except there was no Custom Shop in Memphis. Ever.
  17. Wmachine

    ES335 INFO

    As I said, they are less and less forthcoming with specs, but that is ridiculous. Did you specifically ask for specs?
  18. Wmachine

    ES335 INFO

    Absolutely legit. You can peel off the pick guard plastic now. Best to not leave that on.
  19. Wmachine

    ES335 INFO

    Nope. I believe the sticker inside will verify it was made in Memphis.
  20. Wmachine

    ES335 INFO

    You can stop worrying. As I said, not finding it on the Gibson absolutely does NOT mean it does not exist. And there is also absolutely nothing you have said or show that indicates it is nothing but totally legit. Everything so far says it is legit.
  21. Wmachine

    ES335 INFO

    First and foremost, write to Gibson for specs. Gibson has become less and less forthcoming about publishing specs, so you can't expect to find them onsite like before. And even then, models that we ordered by dealers (like GC/MF) never did have specs shown on the Gibson site. What do you want to feel better about? You don't ask any specific questions. You clearly have a 2019 model made in late 2018. At least from what you say, but you're not showing any numbers. You say the model number "comes back". From where? Since your looking for feedback it is much more helpful to post
  22. Yes, the proof is in the sound, but in all reality, the only apple to apples comparison is the different pups in the exact same guitar. Granted, in your case most of the difference *should* be the pups, but there are other factors too. FWIW, I think the 59 Classics are "better" LP pups than BBs, in my limited experience.
  23. NH does not mean Nickel Hardware. N is for nickel hardware, H is for a stop tail. I'm guessing the H is literally for hardtail.
  24. Yup. I got a killer deal on a 2015 and I really like it,
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