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I'm not a traitor!!!


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Well, I pulled the trigger on another electric guitar. The band I play in, we've incorporated a new set with many new songs that require electric guitar. Years ago electric was all I played. (got older and mellowed out, I guess) Anyway, I played a Les Paul back then. Good guitar for the music I was playing then. Fast forward to present day. I just purchased a Fender Telecaster. Let me first say, I've always liked the "twang" of a Tele and the versatility of that iconic guitar. Until I got this guitar, I had no idea how wonderful this guitar is! I'm a Gibson man down to the bone, but this Telecaster is a great guitar! If you're into hard rock and metal, you wouldn't be looking at this guitar anyway. But for the music I'm playing now, it's a perfect fit! Any of you guys have a Tele? How do you like it? (I know this is the Gibby Forum, but we can discuss various instruments and critique their sound and tone)Trust me, I'm not a traitor! But this IS a wonderful guitar.

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Most of life has been lived on a steady diet of Gibson acoustics and Fender Electrics.


I played a 1958 Tele - early one with strings through body - for decades. I pretty much bought it because there was a picture of Milke Bloomfield with one on the back of the 1st Butterfield LP (I also owned a 1960 Esquire for a few years). While others came that was the guitar I stuck with. People told me they could tell it was me before they entered the room by the sound of that Tele - particualarly the bridge pup.


That guitar never failed to fire up and I swear it could fall out of a third story window and not even need to be tuned. Everything you need and nothing you dont. Not the easiest electrics to play - it is like you have to pull the sound out of them. But once you get the hang of a Tele there is nothing you cannot play on one. One of the things you really learn to appreciate about the guitar is that like all Fenders it was pretty much a shop project instrument. Taking them apart and putting back together does not require a rocket scientist.


Showing every mile put on it.



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