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We've seen the pics, read the specs, now watch the videos


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Im not buying a Robo-Guitar


Im out.

Yeah I don't really want that either... and watching their vid on it makes me want it even less.. the fact that you still have to fine tune each string means I could probably do it just as fast manually.


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Not my thing man.


I am interested in those LP Melody Makers.. No robot tuning.. wrap around bridge.. I like it :)


If I ever get any money I may have to get one of those as I would in theory like a 120th anniversary model..

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The SG "Original" is still on Gibson's web page. [thumbup]

There is (as of yet) no indication, that it's discontinued.

I, for one, sure hope they won't! Maybe add some color

variations, but keep the "Cherry" one, as well. It's an

awesome model!! [biggrin]



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can anyone tell if the melody maker is slab or carved top?? I thought slab looking at the yellow, but then I checked the midnight manhattan one and that looked carved.........



Yup looks flat to me :) (and has a belly scarf).. Im REALLY interested in one of these [thumbup]


Actually it says this in the description

Body: Thin profile body same as LP Custom Light Maple top / Mahogany back





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Yes, I can't wait to try one.


Been after a twin p90 model......and while the MM has a couple features that I'd probably swap out, for the price of it, I can upgrade anything, add a hard case and have a great little player for fairly short money.



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I'm glad I got a 2013 at the blow out. I'm not a fan of the robot tuner or the perl tuning knobs. I love my chrome tuners. The minetune or whatever it 's called should be optional, not standard. I hope they revert back for 2015. I think I'd be ok with the robot stuff on an epiphone but I don't want lights, batteries, and buttons on my Gibson. That stuff is for a throw away guitar. If you want to solve problems then make a neck that won't break.

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...If you want to solve problems then make a neck that won't break...

Gibson went a long way towards doing just that from late '68/'69 with the introduction of the neck-volute but you'll never guess what happened next!

The Purists didn't like it so they went back to the original - weaker - design in the early '80s.


"You Can Please Some of the People All of the Time..."...etc...etc...



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Here are the specs for the Les Paul Standard for MF (the standard top is again AAA, which is nice feature; the Premium is AAAA):



Body: Mahogany with “Modern” weight relief

Top: AAA figured maple

Neck: Mahogany, Asymmetrical ‘60s Slim taper

Fingerboard: Compound radius rosewood, trapezoid Inlays with 120th logo, undercut fret over binding for extra playing surface

Hardware: Min-ETune system, TonePros locking tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece

Electronics: BurstBucker Pro 1+2 , Push/Pull Coil Taps, Phase changing and Pure Bypass

Plastics: Cream, Black Graph Tech nut, Gold Speed Knobs

Notes: Reverse polarity rear pickup for authentic single coil combinations

Case: Vintage Brown Hardshell


Special 120th Anniversary Features

Banner inlay on all instruments at the 12th fret

Max grip speed knobs

New extra large strap button

Undercut fret over binding on all bound guitars

Cleartone coated strings

Graph Tech nut

Cryogenic treated fret wire for longer life and corrosion resistance

Historic Brown/Pink case

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I always wanted a new Les Paul classic with the ceramic 500t and 496r pickups in it,I really loved the high gain/crunch those pickups have.They came from the factory in the gothic explorer and the gothic Vee I had and I put a used set I had in a used 80's LP and they all kicked serious butt.However now when I look up the 2014 lp classic they are listed as coming with 57 classics in them.I do like the 57 classics they are sweet and were the pickups someone put in a used 1969 LP I owned for a while sweet,sweet sounding pickups.But for the type of playing I do the ceramics were what I really was looking for in a classic I didnt even mind the green tinted fret markers.Oh well,BTW do we really need so many types of LP's to chose from.

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