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So I caught this on deep tracts yesterday.

It's a cool blast from the past.


Don't forget to boogie. [thumbup]




What was his name; Al "Blind Owl" Wilson I think. He was a very interesting story and a very unique player!


I liked his stuff and his sound...


Heat continued after he died and maintained a relative success, but there was definitely some mojo missing without Al Wilson...

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Loved several of their songs. "Big Fat" was sure getting into the beat. I wonder how he kept from lighting that big beard into fire when he's smoke a cig or doobie? [biggrin]


Think I saw them sing "Refried Boogie" back in the day (late 60's but some of those days were a blur).



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Harvey Mandel played his third live gig with Canned Heat that night at Woodstock, he had just returned from a recording session with the Stones.Harvey AKA The Snake is still playing gigs, but he needs our prayers and thoughts as he has been fighting cancer in his nasal passage. This is the latest vid of the Snake, I had the privilege of sitting in a small room and watching him work his magic by himself, no band, just him, his guitar a Twin Rev and a echoplex for three hours.Fight on Brother


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