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NGD: 2013 Les Paul Traditional 2013


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Admittedly this has already gone on MLPF but I'm so proud of it I though I'd give it a second NGD on here too.


Kind of a panic buy after hearing about imminent 2015 price hikes and changed spec/ dodgy headstock decals. This was one of the last 2013 spec trads I could find online. Really nice player and well put together. 1 piece mahogany back. Plain/ understated AA top compared to some of the flame tops you see these days but I'm ok with that. Generally good QC...I'd probably give the fretboard binding 8/10 due to a few minor cosmetic areas of roughness and visible file marks, mainly around the nibs. That's almost universal in Gibson USA guitars I guess and is the nature of hand finishing. No dealbreaker issues (surprising given its been unsold in a shop nearly 12months....can't see why). 57 classic pups are the best humbuckers I've played through too.


Comes in at a respectable 9lbs 5oz. £1529 (about $2498) including pre-shipping setup which is reasonable in the UK and less than 2015 models will be.











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Good score, tinman. Good decision to grab one of the 2013 models, too.

It might be a while before things get back to that place. The future's not looking too promising.


TBH I quite like the fact that it's possible to see file marks where the nibs have been shaped. Humanises and personalises the guitar, somehow.


Play Long and in Good Health!






P.S. I meant to say 'very nice looking lump of mahogany' too...

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Very nice catch, Tinman, congrats, HNGD! [thumbup]


I also love my Traditional 2013. They are very great. Anyway, viewable file marks on my bound Gibson with fret nubs never bothered me. These are absolutely normal and part of the fun so to say. [biggrin]


I'm glad you got her at a great NOS price, too. Some minutes ago I read your topic about spots on the bindings but never encountered some up to now. I guess there are members more experienced in polishing who will chime in.

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