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Do you have the Christmas Spirit yet?


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I am Roman Catholic by family tradition, but gnosticist by heart.


I hate Christmas.


The crowd, the heavy traffic.


Then, I am usually at home, which means work. Lots of work.


Everyone is celebrating with His/Her family - I only spend the Christmas eve with them. We live a bit far apart from each other.


Besides them, I have noone.


Everyone is hammered - I don`t drink, so I can`t even join those sad guys who spend the night in the pub.


The same boring Christmas songs...but no snow this year.


Ah... ****.


Merry Christmas to all of You!


Best wishes... Bence


I don't know whether to be impressed or depressed! [blink]

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Hello Friends!


I'm off to vacation and won't be near to internet until 5th of January.


I might pop in on 24th, but who knows...


I would like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of You! Take care! Eat, drink, and play Your guitars as much as You can! ;)


Best wishes... Bence

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Jeez mate, I just read your spiel at the bottom. Let me guess.....philosophy major, right?



" I hate it when people compare god with jimmy page, I mean, he's good and all... but he's no jimmy page."


love it! too funny!

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I guess I finally got into the Holiday Spirit a little bit by buying my wife something.


She really likes to cook, I really like to eat so we're a good combination. We have a house built right after WWII and the electric range is this old stainless steel Jenn-Air which has two burners and then the other half is a grill which we never use. She's been complaining about not having enough burners for years so I ordered a second set of burners to replace the grill.


Not the most romantic gift I've ever given but she'll like it. She'll also use it unlike the Martin acoustic she picked up and strummed delightedly at Guitar Center! I'm wise that that one.


I probably should pick up something else so I'll get her a new AGV motorcycle helmet for the upcoming season.




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