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Scary Night In Western New York


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the two murderers who escaped from prison in New York are on the lam, AND BELIEVED TO BE NEAR MY FARM! i live on a farm in the boonies in Western New York, and police are searching for them very near to my farm. One guy shot a cop fifteen times, and the other one murdered and dismembered hid neighbors, and then stashed the body parts. Nice guys!

Of course I am locking up tight, and the shootin' irons that I have are at the ready. My problem is that I haven't slept well lately, and I hope that I can stay awake. It would really suck to wake up with a knife against my throat, so my retriever (a great watch dog) will be sleeping on the porch tonight. He likes sleeping out there, so it isn't punishment or anything. I think that my adrenaline will be enough to keep me awake tonight.

Anyway, please wish me luck. I've never had to worry about escaped murderers on the loose near my usually peaceful farm in the boonies. I'm a very good shot, and if Arnie starts barking tonight, the safety goes off. It's not often that I would prefer to live in town. I sent my wife to stay with her Sister 25 miles away, so I only have to worry about saving my dog and me. I think that Arnie's fierce and extremely loud bark would be enough to send them skeedaddlin', so maybe I wouldn't even have to take out the losers. If they choose my little farmhouse, they just may have more to deal with than they expect. Getting the drop on them would give me a huge advantage. Say a prayer if You have a spare one layin' around. Peace!

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