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What is your take on these three neck guitars


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this is one of them.



for me I dont see the point, I do understand if you playing a song with alot of differnt dynamics then possibly, but is this overkill?

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I think they're novelties. Rick Nieslon's guitar is out of this world crazy.

I know I could be banned for this, but I can't say I really like the sound quality of the EDS 1275. I know at the time Jimmy didn't have a lot of options, but I think he could have just used the 59 LP and it would have sounded better live. I don't think the 12 string half of the guitar has much character distinction. Not enough that Jimmy couldn't have just used a chorus and reverb peddle. And the 6 string part didn't even come close to the 52 Tele used on the studio. Again the LP could have pulled that live solo off with perhaps and even more biting grab you by the balls finish.


I just realized I didn't point out that I was refering to "Stairway to Heaven". Jimmy got the EDS-1275 for the express purpose of playing that song live. He did of coarse use it for other songs. As for those I think it did fine. I just don't think it was the right guitar for "Stairway to Heaven". Next time Jimmy calls and asks my opinion I will tell him that. :-

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