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My new '59

Tim Plains

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canon_mutant' date=' that is Heritage Cherry. Here it is with my Washed Cherry R9, quite a difference.





So, is it black at the edges or just really dark red?


All the cherrybursts I've seen look more like your washed version.


Not that I'm complaining, mind you . . .

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Thanks again, guys!


i need your address and the nearest airport.



beautiful guitar there. does it play nicer than your others or is it an r9 with a really pretty top and nicer finsih??

looks amazing .

whats the number??

At the end of the day' date=' a Les Paul is a Les Paul...right? It is just an R9 with a few changes, some noticable, some not so noticable, but it does have a different feel than my other reissues. The neck does seem to play itself, though. 9 9113


So' date=' is it black at the edges or just really dark red? [/quote']

No, it's red. I'll take some more (and better) pictures this weekend with some sun light.

It's truely a gorgeous colour when you see it in person.


Flight, not getting your yawning cat is the greatest compliment I could ask for!

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Thanks again' date=' guys!



No, it's red. I'll take some more (and better) pictures this weekend with some sun light.

It's truely a gorgeous colour when you see it in person.



So, I just talked myself out of getting a 50th R9 cuz of the price and had another cheaper reissue and two customs on the shortlist - only getting one of course. Hoping to pay something south of $4K.


I had the Supreme on my shortlist but removed it a couple weeks ago after playing one. As I've commented in other threads, it's purely subjective but the chambered LP sound is not what I'm looking for though you gotta love the eye candy, balance, and feel of the Supreme.


So, now I see this gorgeous ride that's totally unlike any other reissue I've seen, as it should be for a 50th R9, and now it's back on the shortlist. Can I tell the wife, it's all your fault, Are Nine? :P


You see, as I've commented before, I turn 50 this year too. A 50th R9 birthday present would be entirely too cool . . .

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I turn 50 this year too. A 50th R9 birthday present would be entirely too cool . . .

That's about as good of a reason as I've seen.

If you're patient and are willing to wait until the end of the year' date=' I'm sure you'll find a used 2009 R9 for $4,000 US.

If not, you'll easily find any previous year Gibson Les Paul for that much money.

You should periodically check the member's classifieds at mylespaul and lespaulforum.


I took a couple more pics and I know it's not like me but I thought I'd post them.

I'll take a couple more with some sunlight this weekend.














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Wow Tim. Congrats. It must be nice to own such Royalty.


God bless you.


I am quite taken by your guitars' date=' and your photo ability.


Best of luck.




Turning into quite the little camera man isnt he!!


Tim the cat died... (Lack of sleep)



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Thanks guys. I'm not not a good photographer. If I had a secret it would be that I put my camera on continuous mode and snap 50 - 100 shots at a time.


OK' date=' so I am a pretty good photographer. How about you ship that sucker down here to me and I'll do an appropriate photo spread on it? Of course, I'll naturally have to sample the merchandise which will give me the opportunity to actually play an R9 and then decide if I have to have one or not. Deal?




No? #-o


The silence is deafening. :-#


Dayam! Worth a try . . . default_eusa_wall.gif

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canon_mutant...I'll get it back, right?

I know you don't want a 2009 R9, seeing as how it's 2009 and you turning 50 this year. :^o


How does it play compared to your other R9?...too early to tell?

It's different. The neck is thinner and a real treat to play. I don't know if Gibson fooled around with the burstbuckers but it doesn't sound like my R8 or R9.


(From another thread)

Give us the story behind her coming into your collection.

I was extremely fortunate and dealt directly with Yorkville Music. (Americans: Yorkville is the only Gibson disributor in Canada) They got their first shipment of 50th anniversary R9s last week. I was able to go to the warehouse and pick one. It was a great experience.


Canada is only getting 25 50th R9s and Gibson is sending them up in small batches. I walked in and was taken to this giant (and I mean giant) open room. On the one wall there was just a row of amps. Like 30 amps, you name it...stacks, small combo amps, large combo amps, etc. In front of these amps were around 15 guitars. Les Pauls, Explorers, SGs, and some other ones that didn't catch my eye.


There were three Gibson boxes on the side, the first 50th R9s to cross the border. He opened each box in front of me and pulled out each guitar. All three were gorgeous. The guy left the room, I put the guitars on stands and then alternated playing each one for the next 45 (or so) minutes though a Traynor Stack.


It was quite a thrill knowing I was the only guy in the country with a 2009 R9...not only one, but three!!


I picked this one purely on tone.




So...after I made my pick, I put all three back on the stands and for fun asked the person I was dealing with to play them all. He did and also picked the one I bought at the best sounding guitar.


After that we went to an office and had to walk through the actual warehouse to get to it. WOW!! Talk about ******* dreamland!! A massive warehouse filled with all sorts of musical instruments. The kid in me wanted to run over to a skid of ES-339s and just start ripping open boxes.


OK, back to reality...in that office, they gave me an invoice, I said thank you very much and walked out with the R9 in hand. Drove back to work, kept the R9 in my office, guarded it with my life, showed it to a few friends at work, then after work drove it to a L&M and paid for it. Done and done.

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Sure you'll get it back Are Nine! Of course, the photo shoot may take a week or two, you know to get it right . . .


Seriously, your comment about only liking one out of three may well be a deal breaker here. The local GC and another local ma and pa will of course order me one but no one here is going to even stock one much less three. And, though GC does have their money back return guarantee, it's really hard to order any axe sight unseen, never played much less one this expensive.


Sadly, I would think Gibby would have sonic standards as well as fit and finish standards especially on the 50th R9 but that's apparently not the case???


Decisions, decisions.

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canon...yeah, unless you can return it for a full refund I wouldn't by any guitar unseen. Especially one over $5,000.

Reissues are generally incredible guitars. My saying I didn't like the other two shouldn't deter you from buying one.

I can almost guarantee you that if you get one in your hands you'll be blown away and it'll be the best Les Paul you've touched.

It's when you start comparing them side-by-side that you really notice differences.

Plus, look at my Gibson guitars. I've been called a snob on these forums once or twice. :D

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Can you answer any of the cork-sniffer issues about whether the tailpiece location is changed (is it perpendicular to the centerline or angled, is it tangental to the knob), the knurling on the toggle switch ring, whether there's a wire on the ABR-1, whether "rolled creme colored neck binding" is just ad copy or if they treat the neck any differently, is the pickguard screw a flathead or phillips, are the side marker dots black or tortoise.


Oh, nevermind. That stuff isn't important enough to keep me from drooling. I think I've been over at the other forum too much, got to get a sense of perspective here.

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