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Don't trembler who wrote that, Henley? Interesting pointed song at Hall & Oates. Nice Bird.


I didn't know that!

The song resonates with me... at work (these new fanged yungins darn come in and changed the biz), ... and as I just came home last evening from a several day trip taking my last one at home to see colleges near the D.C. - Maryland area.

I feel about as relevant in the world today as an 8track car stereo.

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Don't think I will complement you here, Sal. 1 because I've done that so often. 2 because I've heard you better than this ;-)

So my roses go to the Bird. Not sure what it is, but this ex has something special, , , and the bass seems to loosen up (maybe that's just my ears).

Anyways, I really dig this guitar.


What strings are you playing at the moment ?

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Thanks Em... hahaha.

Appreciate roses of any color...

The strings? D'addario Nickel Bronze light mediums. And what is unique is that they sound the same T+1 as they do T+45 days. So maybe the bass is enhanced because of the gauge? I like these strings. I can't say that "these are THE strings for this guitar, because I like switching between these and the Gibson PB strings (light), which have more zing but are less warm.

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