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Been a good few weeks for new and new to me guitars. Went to a Gibson Montana event in Tampa tonight and was able to meet Don Ruffalo. Had a picture taken with him holding the Customized J200 TV he did for me a few years back. Great guy!



I left the event with a Bourgeois Vintage OM Adirondack that I swapped for my Gibson Roy Smeck/J. Browne prototype. Don was also helpful in assisting me in sussing out the specs which was tricky because it was a prototype. I didn't hurt having him there to weigh in on what it was as I was offering it as a trade to the store owner for the OM.




When I got home, I was digging around on the inter webs looking for specs and vids on the OM and came across this vintage "Big Thumb Tony" video playing the exact model I traded for tonight. Tony looks a little sullen here but it was 11 years ago so, maybe he was a little unsure as to how to act as he was just getting started. Note he was using that same tune all those years ago to demo a guitar.




Oh, and in the mail today was my first issue of Fretboard Journal with a cover story on Leo Kottke whom I've worked with for more than 30 years as well as an article on Buddy Holly's Les Paul by the very esteemed John Thomas. Happy to welcome John into my home.


Ain't life grand?

Carry on..

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