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Hey Tim,


Is this just a Reissue guitar porn thread?


That last picture really does her justice... =D> Seriously bud! She looks awsome... (Even the looser still looks great =P~ )


Get em outside for pics...Then the true colours will come through!


BTW...The cabinet will be here in two weeks!




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Here's a few pics of my fireburst...


I'v never seen the fireburst before now. I really like it. Reminds me of the flames they paint on hot rods. Also notice you got 2 different styles of knobs on it. I bet it would look great with black knobs. Match the open pickups.

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As usual, very nice pictures!


It's hard to believe that you just started playing LP's a couple years ago...very nice collection for only a couple years deep! (checked out your "toys" section!) :-


Didn't you just get your first Stratocaster w/in the last year or so as well? Out of curiosity, what kind of guitars did you play prior to getting into LP's or your Strat (or various other new guitars or amps you have in your collection..sg/335/etc.)? Did you just start playing 2 years ago when you began this collection, or did you have a completely other collection prior to a couple years ago?


Most important: if you did in fact just start playing a couple years ago, could you please fill in the rest of us on how the rest of us can get our wives / girlfriends to be so understanding? :-

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