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There came the sun


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Yesterday the first rays of spring hit the temple. It made the red touch of the old SJ-sunburst come forward - hadn't been seen since September.

Didn't last long, , , there're a few minutes between the pics and soon the shadow took over.

A bit hard to get by camera, but still. .



1963 ~ ch7cqN3.jpg


2018 ~ ODEKccp.jpg

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I see Arthur Lee hanging out behind your SJ, but that's not the cover that was on the US version of Da Capo.


Graham Nash, Love, and Jethro Tull...


You're starting to show your age Em7...


Not really in 1:1 calender-synch with these albums - just an early starter. But yes, they are placed in the heart'n'mind'n'soul center of the collection.

The Da Capo cover is seen from behind - almost sure we have the same front : The band around a ruin in a fat golden frame meant for a painting.

. . . . . .


Couldn't agree more, philfish, Forever Changes is a classic piece of work, which will survive for many decades to come.

I rate it in a category with Astral Weeks, The Velvet Underground banana, If I could Only Remember My Name and fx Nick Drake's 3 records.

The absolute top lounge, but a bit to the side, half in the shade U know. .


Btw. Lee was a Gibson player. He used a black 180 Everly.

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Nice photo(s). Catching the true nature of the burst is tough in low light- the lens often picks up the transitions in a spotty manner; it can sometimes make an original finish look like a re-spray. The pickguard almost looks purple velveteen in the first pic- ‘Would love to see this one outdoors.


The ’63 seems to have one foot in Hummingbirdland and one foot in J-45ville. . . what are the differences in the build between this one, and a ‘Bird of the same era? It must be quite the contrast when matched with a plastic bridge-equipped sibling, unless one really likes rooting for the underdog.

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Looks like it needs a haircut!

The SJ or the whole scene - if the first I'll snatch you and burst in 1 click.


Summer 2015 ~ sox8NJb.jpg


Sal, it's a humble yet cosy place - nothing fancy 'cept the location and a few guitars ;-)

And burst again.

You know the H-bird and this one are the same apart from the tuners and the 3-4 times thinner pickguard on the SJ.

When I go for a plastic bridge square it's not to rate/place it 'under or above' anything. I simply find the plast/ceramic combo highly intriguing when fingerficked.

It's something else, , , and much better than many people tend to think. But one gotta have the touch.


Regarding the burst this one is very amber meets black and only in direct or strong light the slim red zone begins to glow.

I sometimes forget, , , like the entire passed winter.

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Ahh. . . much better outdoors. And of course, "compared to" is different than "versus" when taken in it's meaning used as in a competition. Apples and oranges/different flavors, and all that.


. . . and feel free to trace that wonderful shadow on the wall.

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