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Cool gig coming up


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YES.. I got some nice free tickets to see YES this Sunday :)


Looking forward to that... Ive seen Supertramp live before too. Never seen Trevor Rabin live yet so it should be cool [thumbup] I will report back after.



Headlining the Sunday night will be prog-rock royalty YES featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman. This definitive YES line up first reunited for a tour in 2016 to rave reviews and has since performed sold-out shows across North America, the UK and Europe, Japan and Israel.


The fourth legend to join the bill is former Supertramp frontman Roger Hodgson, composer and singer of many of the band’s biggest hits including ‘Dreamer’, ‘It’s Raining Again’, ‘Breakfast In America’ and ‘The Logical Song’, among many others. Also playing on Sunday will be UK’s number one star of the blues rock world, Joanne Shaw Taylor who has released critically acclaimed albums and gained a global fan base.

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Ok so I went to this thing tonight.. Well actually it started at 4pm... I found out only after that this was actually part of a three day indoor festival called Stone Free.. I heard that one night Megadeath headlined and the other night it was The Scorpions.. Tonight as you know was ARW YES or what ever you want to call them. But also there were two other support bands. First was a band called Anathema who were billed as a modern day prog rock band.. I didn't really think they were.. To me it seemed more like Massive Attack which is a band who use dance beats but also lots of guitars.. It was kind of like that.. Ok but im not rushing to find out any more about them. Then there was Joanne Shaw Taylor.. She played what id call a mix of country, blues and rock.. Again it was ok.. Shes a great player but in the end I had kind of heard it all before.


So heres the O2 Arena. HUGE place which used to be known as The Dome when it was built but has become one of THE main places to play in this country.





As I say its pretty big. Theres shops and places to eat and other exhibits going on





Orange Amps were doing something there



And Beer of course :)



Then on to the main acts.. First was Roger Hodgson.. I really enjoyed his set.. I quite like Supertramp and it was a bit of a greatest hits show which is good cos that's actually the album I listen to most :)



Then came the headline act ARW YES :) Im probably a bigger fan of Supertramp than yes but I appreciate the players.. I enjoyed it over all and of course they ended with a 12 min version of Owner of a Lonely Heart which turns in to Sunshine of Your Love and parts of it Rick and Trevor go walkies.. :)



Other than that.. That first bands guitar player had some lovely LPs. I really liked his custom



Pretty lights









So YES, a night of good progtastic rock and I certainly cant complain since the tickets were free :D

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