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Censorship - making Gibson Forums a better place for latin kids.

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There we were at the SG forum when suddenly Hbomb typed the word ridicu.lously. But it just so happens that when everybody went to see his post what was there after hiting the post button was ridiculously.


So what happened? What happened is that Gibson Forums censorship program was googling around and decided to take a student exchange program to Ecuador (so it could meet ThunderG) and there it learnt the word c.u.l.o. that means arseholle, buttocks or something in english.


Gibson Forums censorship algorithm decided to start censoring the swearing words that it came in learnt around the word.


The main objective is that someday Gibson Forums censorship program will be so smart that it will know ALL the swearing words in ALL the foreign languages and when we login to read the forums ALL we will see is * ** **** * **** *** *****

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de moon' date=' you were starting to progress about typing, but right now I don't understand what you are saying at all.[/quote']


What i am saying is that there is no point fighting it. Do you know how this hole thing came about?

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