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Those Guys at Fender are So Funny


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Posted: 04 Mar 2009 22:28 Post subject:

The next season of 24 features Kiefer Sutherland rescuing the Gibson forum from terrorists who want to kill the forum, foreign orphans, and the president...but then there is a double agent working against him and his efforts, and the real identity of this double agent, or agents?, may shock you, so tune in to the next 24 television event only on FOX...

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I could make that fourm crack if it wasnt so heavly watched.




I'm thinking, with your talent, you can crash that sucker....................


You go, boy.........



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Ah, my first post of the day, and it feel sooooo goood! Especially on such a funny thread as this one!


BTW, I like the Keifer Sutherland guitar. I got to hear once recently. It's got good tone, and it got suddenly serious and kicked the crap out of the Mexi Strat hanging next to it on the wall!


Ahh. Good times, good times.

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Too late idiot.

The authorities have been notified.

As well as the threat with the shotgun.


You want to play with the big kids...


Well now you are...


Nice knowing you kid.


Wait are u serious axe?

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