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11 hours ago, blindboygrunt said:

When was last time you washed your Jeans?

'Just picked up the J-45 & compared Marcel's wear to where keys in the right pocket might rub into the finish. . . it is more towards the back than the front (EDIT: which looks fairly close to where it is in the OP photo).


And- yes, there was some marketing copy for one of the new Gibson models touting a thinner finish for a better sounding guitar. And why cover the grain of a guitar with beautiful grain with a heavy stain?

This can also happen:  http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Musician/Guitar/Maintenance/KeyCrack/keycrack.html

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I'd investigate whether your laundry detergent is Nitro friendly. Do you use fabric softener? I've seen some fabric imprints on the underside waist of guitars before but have always associated it with bug repellent or something similar.

Obviously you can't hear it, so to speak, so it isn't a major issue but I know how irritating finish probs can be.

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If the guitar is 2 mos. old out of Bozeman  - the nitro will have still been curing. Should have had a 'Fresh Paint' sign on it. Ok for normal wear - but like Jinder said, if you have something different in your laundry - it could have marred the outer surface of the nitro.  Hard to tell from the photo the extent of the smearing. I've had LUCK using Gibson polish on minor nitro imperfections.  Over time, not overnight.  I would not try to fix it with an abrasive polish - as has been stated, the finish is thin. 

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