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The king of Les Pauls?


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Well, the '59 Gibson Les Paul is supposed to be the holy grail of electric guitars. It's the guitar that made history on many records, by many famous musicians.


Every piece of wood is different, so I don't think it's correct to say that all '59 Les Pauls are great sounding/playing guitars...they ARE great because of their great history, but in the end it's about the tone and playability/feel of the individual instrument. Even if the guitar would sound awesome, then there's still 'taste'. Some people might not like the brighter, clearer tone of the original '59 and expect a thicker (more modern) tone. Most people that love the '59 these days are real blues purists.


Give me a rich, warm, full and big sounding LP Custom anytime.

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Oh, you're asking about newer models...not the '50s originals. Specify man!!

New historic reissues, R7, R8, R9, R0, are all the same. R7 meaning '57 reissue.

The only differences in these models is the neck thickness, the finish, plain top or flame top, the weight of each individual guitar, and most importantly....price!!


Does it have a fast neck? I don't know, why don't you go out and play a few of them? Not a shredder's guitar, that's for sure. You can get prices from a local dealer, various on-line retailers & eBay.

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