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Wine Red 93 Studio with Gold Hardware


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13 minutes ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

Indeed.  At the end of the day a guitar with a headstock repair is just a broken guitar. There are tons out there that aren't.


Thanks Sgt Pepper,alls well that ends well, I guess. I really like this guitar much better.




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7 hours ago, truetone6 said:

Thanks Guys! Someone on another forum told me that this guitar is actually a 94 not a 93. He said that  Gibsons had a special serial number that year starting with "94" because it was Gibson's 100th Anniversary.


This is true...  You can tell because if you do the "conventional" SN decoder for this date range, you will soon find out that there's no 400th+ day of the year.  So you have a Centennial Gibson LP.  Killer man!  Much better score than the broken headstock mess you almost got into.  Congratulations and enjoy for many years 😄

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Thanks guys! I used to have the same guitar. I bought it in 2004. It was my first Gibson and and my first Les Paul .Unfortunatly I sold it many years ago so I was happy to find this one. The one I had(below). That one came with a black case with a grey interior and shroud.What years did Gibson use cases like that?



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Found out the one I bought in 2004 was actually a 2002 model so It was nearly new when I bought it. Now it would be nearly "vintage",lol.It seems funny to think of  guitars like my  94 Gibson Studio as a vintage guitar but it really does look like one now as the finish has darkened beautifully to an almost "Ox Blood" color and the gold hardware has a nice patina.



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