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Found my Great Grandma's guitar wondering where I could find the serial number


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Hello everyone, 

I was recently reunited with my great grandmothers Gibson acoustic. Everyone I've showed it too has acted stange about it so I feel as through I may have found something really special. I was wondering if you guys had any tips for identifying it. I was thinking it could be a 30’s j-35 but that’s only a guess. Any info would be amazing. Thanks! 


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Hello everyone, sorry for the poor video quality. Here are so more pictures that users have requested. I believe I have solved the mystery.. im thinking its a 30's LG2 but still very open to hear opinions and also opinions on what I should do with it. Thanks everyone for your help!!





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Based on the headstock logo -- 1946 LG-2.  I have one of those -- here it is.


They did not make LGs in the 30s -- it was introduced in the early 1940s.  The wartime LGs had the banner logo -- this logo only happened in or near 1946.



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