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One I missed


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The 2015 Gibson L-9. 

Looks to be the same depth as the 335 series.   'Archtop' but with a stop tail....:-k


Same body shape as the (2016) ES-275 but that has a trapeze tailpiece -


Neither is being produced any more/at the moment. 

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14 hours ago, Dub-T-123 said:

Love that finish. Looks the same as the finish on my Les Paul. Sadly they used Titebond which apparently has no tonal,  resonant, and/or technical effect 😜

Are you lookin for a new axe?


 Not seriously, in fact I have a solid-body for sale.    But I like to keep up with Gibson f-holes.  [biggrin]

There's always been L-4s, 5s, 6s, 7s......I didn't know about the L-9.  Wonder if there were any plans for an L-8.:-k


I've never had a guitar with active pickups though.  GAS; I'd quite like this - don't know if you are able to see the link in the USA or if you get Harley-Benton over there?


It's a copy of an LTD with actives - it's B-stock but even if I miss this one, the full price is still dirt cheap.

Unfortunately I am having to spend £££ on my heating and hot water system at the moment.  Got to fix that in case I have to quarantine or isolate which in the UK is for14 days.

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Nice looking, but very pricey.  For a couple thousand less you can have a custom shop 336 or 356 which have the advantages of double cutaway and a full center block to fight feedback.  Same tonewoods and pickups etc.  

I missed this one too - perhaps there was so much fuss about the 2015 Les Pauls that this one got lost in the clutter.

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