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Hey there, 

I'm hoping you guys can help.  I bought a 1960 Gibson Les Paul Classic second hand in 2010 for £1399 from a music shop.  I think the guitar was made in 1998, as it had a YZ on the headstock, but not sure.  I stupidly sold the guitar due to it giving me back problems, but I would like another Classic now.  I'm a bit cautious with buying from eBay or Reverb, so would rather buy it from a shop.  I've attached photos of the guitar , so you may be able to get the correct year.  

Can anyone recommend a dealer that might have one in stock?



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10 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

I had a classic LP. Can't remember what year. It had 1960 engraved on the pickguard. Great axe.

I think they were called something different (?) and were better. The closest I ever came to buying a Les Paul was one of those from early-mid 90's on eBay. I should have done it. The thing had been well used and abused by a semi pro, but it was just how I pictured a Les Paul I'd have as a live gig player guitar. Still wish I'd bought the thing....

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I was 13 when my cousin started teaching me to play. He played just a while with the Rumbles and I never saw his name as getting recognition for it,  he was kicked out of the band.  He had a gorgeous black Gibson with white trim & gold hardware.  I remember pricing one way back in 1966 which they wanted an arm & a leg for. I was going to buy his when he was finished with it.  Never happened. He got ill and was in a wheel chair and was married,  his wife divorced him and kept his guitar.  He had no use for it but wanted it back which she refused.  I offered to pay for it but she said no. She never played and had no use for it either.  Too bad?  He has been long gone for many years now. 

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