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Does anybody have any idea what sort of guitar is being played (okay, video lip-synched-played) by the guitar player on stage right of this Sniff 'n' the Tears video?

The guy might be Loz Netto, though he could be Mick Dyche. 
My vision is a bit off today due to allergies. 

The black guitar;
What is it?



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I'm familiar with the natural finish Tele being stroked by Paul Roberts.

I'm really curious though about the black one over to his left rear (our right front). 

It's got f-holes, Les Paul style pickups and controls, split pickguards, and a shape like an Ibanez Talman, only decades before that guitar arrived. 


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Okay, I found the answer. 

Some guys on the TalkBass web forum were having the same discussion in 2012, and one of the fellows sent a message to Loz Netto, the guy playing the guitar in that video. 


Loz Netto responded:

The guitar you refer to was an old Hayman body that I had a neck made for by Rob Armstrong, all the harware was Gibson including 1970's PAF pickups,
it was a nice instrument but unfortunately got stolen while we were touring the U.S.A Ever since I've had a passion for putting together unusual guitars or
buying interesting looking ones,    


So 'Scales was correct. 
It was a Hayman Thinline 2020, heavily modified. 

Here's an original, unaltered Hayman:





Okay, I'm gonna shut up now. 



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