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I have a Gibson ES335 Gothic that I bought back in 1998, which is in almost new condition.

Could anyone confirm how many of these guitars were made (I think it was about 17)? Gibson wont answer my e mails, and please does anyone know how much is it worth now?

I do have some images, but they are too large to upload.

Any help will be appreciated,


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Photos. With you holding it please.  This is a bucket list Guitar. I have never seen one in person in the past 22 years this line has been around.  I always looked at the Gothic E335 as the Gibson equivalent to the last Duke Nukem game.  

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On 3/3/2021 at 2:49 PM, jdgm said:

They never say how many of any run or model were made. 

I know what you mean, but never say never.  They are some model and some dealer limited editions that they make known the number made when they are sold new.  But whenever you contact Gibson, they won't ever give out numbers.  Amusingly they may even tell you "they don't have" the numbers even on the exceptions I mentioned.


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Unless it is a limited run and Gibson specifically states how many on the web site or on the guitar somewhere, that info is keep to themselves. If your guitar has a label that say something like, 7 of 200 then there it is. If not chances are they wont tell you.

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