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in need of help, craigslist guitar looks kinda funky to me


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Pictures suck but it looks like the real McCoy and a real stunner too. Going by his description it sounds like he's a pretty motivated seller except for the BS about charging an extra hundred bucks for the case (he should have just built the cost of the case into his price):


Gibson ES 335 price if firm you don't try to bargain w/ me " your getting a bargain because she sings" I have all the paper work case is 100 bucks extra


Even for $1000 (to include the case), it looks like a good deal to me. Maybe you can find a case from an online shop for less money if you don't care about the original. I'd look anyway - if you like the guitar and agree to buy it without the case, you could use an online price as bargaining chip to get him down lower on the case. What's he going to do with a case without a guitar except try to sell it anyway?

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Looks legit to me. I can make out all numbers but one on the serial number.


If it was a scam the guy would try to make the add abit more enticing.


Don't exchange information with him use craigslist, meet him in a public place and pay cash if you do buy it.


He says he has all paperwork so you should be safe, get a receipt of the transaction.

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hey all' date=' it's been awhile

so, one the guys english/typing is way off. two, its only $900 somethings gotta be up. three, Id go look up the serial number but i cant read one of the digits:-k what do you make of it?[/quote']

White top but the back of the headstock is natural?


Every 335 I've ever seen is the same color all over, even a burst will be painted along the back of the neck too.


My fear is body damage done someplace that is being concealed by paint, white is very forgiving and hides flaws well.

That, or it's being hidden from the rightful owner.


I dunno.

Look at it VERY closely in the area of the neck joint and headstock for signs of repair.

Follow the binding all the way around the body to see if it's uneven anywhere to indicate repair for a drop injury.


If it checks out, the price is right.

$1k (get the case for damned sure) is a great deal on a 335 if it's worth owning.


Seriously, I wouldn't worry too much about it being hot.

Get the serial number on a bill of sale with his name and address on it. Save every phone number you talk to him on.

If the police ever show up at your house for the guitar, make sure they have all this info on the seller.

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