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ES335 fingerboard... lemon oil or not?


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I’m the proud owner of a new lefty 335. As a lifelong strat player, I feel like I’ve crossed to the other side and my Fender mates have disowned me and you guys are eyeing me with suspicion 🤣

I have to say it’s the most expensive guitar I’ve bought, but plays beautifully and sounds like no other guitar I’ve had... thank god 😁

Anyway, to my question... the fingerboard came unoiled and is quite pale. I’m curious to know if you think I should oil it or let my fingers do the work - eg natural oils and sweat. You can see from the pic, it’s already started with the darker patches in the obvious places. I’d normally expect rosewood to be darker.




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1 hour ago, SteveFord said:

Maybe it was nerves but I recall him just dousing the guitar with it.

You don't have to use quite as much as he did.

I agree.

I have only just started using oil on fingerboards. For 51 years I never bothered. I only use a minimal amount. 

BBDom, congrats on that lovely 335. 👌

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Yes oil it.  Many new Gibsons seem to come with a fairly dry rosewood board.  There are many good products available specifically for guitar fingerboards.  I got a system from Dunlap that includes a cleaner, and then an oil.  Once you have done it then it should only require it about once a year or so is the general consensus around these parts. 

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Mineral oil is always the basic ingredient. I use mineral oil (food grade) for my ebony or rosewood fretboards.

It's primarily used for heavy duty chopping boards protection.  Great protection if you also use your fretboard for food prep  🤣!

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Everyone is going to have some sort of snake oil they will swear by...  Boar Oil, mineral spirts and on and on......

just stay clear of commercial grade / house hold (aka:furniture) products.  there is stuff in there you don't want on untreated rose wood.

So with that said, I'll add another nod for F-1 Oil  probably the best of the ones I've tried so far.



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