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The Beatles - Let It Be | Special Edition Releases


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I pre-ordered the vinyl LP and 5 CD + 1 Blue Ray set. I ordered the companion book last year some time. They made a mistake though any one that has an Apple copy of Let It Be knows the apple is red on the label, the 2009 remasters got it wrong too, as it was the green one as well. That is a 00-18 in case you were curious. It can't match the power and glory of lets say a Noel Gallagher or SJ-200, but it will do donkey, it will do.


Later B-itch's. I'll catch up when we have an Echo Variant. 

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Glad to see you back here Sarge!  [smile]

Yeah, I might look into that package.  Mostly for the video footage though.  I never had the LP as  my finances were severely limited when it came out.  And never got around to "catching up" with it when the money wasn't funny anymore.  But I did buy the "Naked" CD as it did thankfully contain  "Spector-free" remixes of some tunes.   

Those guys influenced WAY more than just music.  Funny, but you can't discuss 20th century American and British pop culture history without mention of The Beatles.


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