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Help- Is this 335 real?


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I have been looking at buying this 335 from a friend of a friend but he doesn't have any history of the guitar and I am nervous about the headstock design, which I haven't seen on a 335 before.

Its a lot of money and I was just hoping someone could  check it isn't an obvious fake.









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Not a real Gibson 335 IMO.

Cutaways slightly wrong shape.  Headstock wrong and completely wrong inlay made from wrong material.  Block inlay on 1st fret - wrong.  Bound f- holes, and frets have no nibs - wrong.

If the bridge saddle posts are slotted for a screwdriver that's another giveaway.  Bridge is too fat to be a tuneamatic.

The original Gibson ES-355 model had those big block inlays to the 1st fret, but the board was ebony.  This is definitely not one of those!

Please wait for more opinions, but I'd avoid it. 

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Yeah it just looks off. The Gibby logo looks funky, as said the cutaways are not right. 

Look under the truss rod cover if you can, and see what the adjustment nut looks like should be an American standard size, not sure of the size, but should not be metric.

I'm going all in on FAKE.

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