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Crack in wood or finish?


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Hey Gents! 

This is my first real Les Paul so I really don’t know what’s the norm, figured I’d ask all the real enthusiasts.

So anyways I bought a 2022 Les Paul classic, I bought it minor blem so I didn’t expect it to be perfect but at the same time I just want to be rest assured it’s okay while I’m still within the exchange period! And this one plays really nice so if I was to exchange it for another minor blem, no telling what I’d get. 

There’s a couple little lines that run perpendicular to the binding the one that scares me the most is the one coming down by the nut cause it looks deeper-ish? I just want to assure does this look more like a an actual hairline crack in the wood? Or is it just the clear finish ? I also included a pic of one in the bindings there like 3 of those all located by the dot markers 

Thanks I’m advance for your help image.gif.b7de49305c26e10850c003ac465a0b3d.gif






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have u had the chance to  check the guitar before buying it ?  If the guitar is new  i would  immediately bring it back to dealer  because  from the quality checklist that you have in the  case of the guitar  something has been overlooked  to say the least .

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As always, you have to preface these things with a disclaimer, but that taken care of, that's a finish crack. It's particularly obvious in the next to last picture. Also, note that it's against the grain.

I would ask for a deduction in price (because money's nice to have), but I see absolutely nothing that indicates it's anything other than purely cosmetic.

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Tough call. I think its a finish crack, but I've been wrong before (including about a crack in my own guitar). 

The safe bet would be exchange, but if its really that good...

I would remove the strings and re-examine the crack. Without the string tension holding it tight, it may become clear if its structural. If it opens further, then yes it should be returned. I might even carefully pull the headstock back to see if it does open further. If it won't budge, you're looking at a finish crack. 

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You can make any guitar play great.

But you can't make yourself ignore issues that are disturbing your peace with the transaction. 

Probably cosmetic (especially the one on the binding)

After all it's your first REAL Les Paul.     Personally, I'd want to have no doubts about the purchase, and I'd pay more without regret.

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 I agree we could kidblast


 If it’s bothering you now every time you look at it it’s gonna bother you always. It takes away from the enjoyment of your Les Paul . 

 I would rather have one that was really beat up but without anything that looks to be possibly structure type  cracks near that headstock or nut.

 It actually looks like the problem they had when they hung guitars up in the polyurethane rubber on the hanger would deteriorate the area of the guitar .  And I could see the finish of the wood is discolored  in that area also .  If that  is what happened it probably is just a surface crack but like I said if it’s bothering you I’d send it back .



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Probably a crack in the finish, but can't tell for sure.  If it's  a finish crack, it would have been caused by whacking the top of the nut against something.  That's probably what happened at some time.  The crack is at 45 degrees to the direction of the impact.  That's what happens when brittle things crack.

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