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I've been downsizing. Here's a list of just the Gibson's with the ones that have left crossed out. There is a new J200 on order

'29 Uke1
'42 Banner J45

‘42 LG1
‘51 LG1
‘52 J45
'53 ES 150
‘54 J50
‘62 C1 Classical

‘68 Super 400
‘72 C400 Classical
‘92 Gibson J-180 Classic
‘93 Gospel
'94 Centennial 1934 Jumbo RI
'94 1933 Century of Progress

'04 Chet Atkins CG
Chet Atkins CE
Chet Atkins SST
'04 Dwight Yoakam Honky Tonk Deuce
'07 J200 CUSTOM KOA 
'07 CJ165 RW
‘07 AJ Gold
‘08 1968 LP TriBurst GC custom
'10 J45 Legend 
'10 Jackson Browne 
‘10 Hummingbird
‘10 J200 Std
'11 Kristofferson SJ
'12 J200 Custom RW
‘12 Hummingbird
‘12 J45 Std
'13 ES 175 
'13 J185 Wildwood Modern Vintage
'13 LG-2 Banner RI (All Hog)

'14 F5L Fern Mandolin
'14 Stage Deluxe LTD 
'14 1932 L00 RI
'14 Les Paul Std
'14 L5 Premier
‘14 J45 Custom RW
‘14 AJ Std
‘15 J45 True Vintage
'15 Stage Deluxe RW

'16 Nick Lucas Mystic Rosewood
‘16 Doves in Flight
'18 L1 F-hole
‘20 1942 SJ Banner
‘22 Custom L00 12 Fret aged top

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Cool!  I own three mandolins - a 1930s Sear Supertone with an MOTS board, an early-1940s Strad-O-Lin which remains a mystery instrument as nobody has ever been able to figure out who made them, and a 1960s Kingston electric which looks just like a Vox mando-guitar.  But my mind wobbles at just the number of guitars you have owned.  

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