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Circumstances are forcing me to either use one instead of a radiator for a while, placed probably 7 or 8 feet from my guitars. It's the kind that clicks on when temp dips, and vice versa. I'm making sure the temp is even where the guitars are. Will that be fine, do you think? 

The alternative is no heater and 55-59F. 

If it's not one thing, you can be sure it's another. 

Am using a humidifier and will keep RH in check. 

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1 minute ago, Murph said:

I use the ones with light bulbs all over my big old uninsulated house, along with natural gas ventless wall heaters.

They work fine.

Humidity is the key.

Sounds reassuring. Good thing I have a humidifier. It has its work cut out for it now! 

The gits are in hardcases, too. 

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30 minutes ago, slimt said:

I have a oil filled radiator style heater. 110v    Set at what ever degree of temp you need. It will keep it warm. Its on wheels so it can be moved around if needed.      

its a good item to have. 

Mine's electric. 

I'm probably just being paranoid. It's not like the guitars are placed directly against it. I'm sure a regular radiator dries the air out less, but a humidifier should probably offset it for a few days. I'm assuming hardcases help too... 

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All my Gibbys and my Cash Martin D35 mostly live in their cases during the winter.  I keep each case supplied with a damp rag in a plastic sandwich bag, with the bag partially open at the top.  We’ve got a humidifier attached to the furnace now, but I don’t think it does a real good job.  The case is the best place in winter for my guitars.

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