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Gibson J 180 M2M ordered in July 2022


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19 hours ago, motorcitychick said:

I just noticed that Fullers got several of the J180's in.  I wonder when I will get mine that I had ordered in July 2022 at the Guitar Center in Nashville.  I have heard nothing on where it is in production.

You could always inquire with your Gibson dealer...

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20 minutes ago, motorcitychick said:

I have contacted my dealer and I get the answer. it's in production.

Is the check in the mail too?

Since yours is a M2M its custom right, and would be different that the ones that just came in?

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22 minutes ago, motorcitychick said:

The only difference is that I ordered a dark rosewood fretboard and Grovers, with no electronics.  Yes I already paid for the guitar in full when I ordered it.  I emailed Gibson and have not heard anything back from them yet.

How comforting.

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1 hour ago, rbpicker said:

What does the M2M designation represent?


M2M means Made to Measure, so custom-made. In Gibson's M2M program, small series or individual pieces are also manufactured according to customer specifications.

This program also includes making an out-of-stock guitar.

I've had three of them made so far.

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15 hours ago, motorcitychick said:

I called Gibson today and got my answer that I needed.  Great customer service at the Bozeman plant.😊

Like Mick sang, did you get what you want or what you need? Like another month or 6 or next year?

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2 hours ago, motorcitychick said:

My guitar arrived yesterday and it is perfect.  All the spec's I had order on the guitar were correct.  The wait was well worth it.

Thank you Gibson Acoustic Division for making outstanding guitars.  There is nothing like a Gibson!

Great news. Plus or minus eleven months is not far from what's normal for a Made2Measure guitar. 

Congrats. Of course, pics or it didn't happen! (sound clip optional 😀).

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