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Those of a certain age will well remember the sounds of the 60s that came out of Berry Gordy's studio in Detroit.  This particular tune, written by Smokey Robinson and recorded in 1967 by the Marvelettes, has always been a favorite of mine though it was not a major hit.  Sorry.........no harmonica riffs and a rather sketchy vocal as I work toward better days with the J-185......and my voice.  Guitar sounds better to me lately.........still some tweaking to do yet.  And so, without further ado.............


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26 minutes ago, fortyearspickn said:

Both hands doing what they need to without thinking about it !!      

Well that's certainly the goal.........takes beaucoup repetitions to get there!

Thanks, folks.  I haven't been singing much at all for the last few years and it's a perishable skill..............use it or lose it........perhaps the confidence will return in time, perhaps not as physical limitations creep in.

I am very pleased with the guitar.  It's more than 20 years old and pretty much settled into what it's going to be..........feeling quite lucky that I landed this one.  The t-rod needed about one full turn (over the course of a few days) to get the relief where I like it.  The original bone saddle is about right as is but still I will experiment there.  Waiting on a set of bone pins from Colosi to replace the wooden set..........I'm thinking this might brighten the guitar just a bit.  For now it's strung with Mangan .012 hex core p-bronze but I have a set of DR Sunbeams (round core) for the new pin set.  Patience, grasshopper.

Thanks for listening............it's good to be back!

(Sal............what's up with the name change?)

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