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Delay vs. Reverb


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True on your first statement droge1, but the "almost" part is important when playing some Blues with tha deep cavernous reverb.


When you have an amp with a killer reverb a delay cannot really match that. My Mesa has an increbible reverb but Orange amps are out of reach when it comes to that, you can make your guitar sound as if you were playing inside Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

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Apples and Oranges.


Reverb simulates a bouncy room. Some rooms are plenty bouncy already and don't need reverb - unless you want to get all surfey. Delay is a different beast altogether and one that has more variations/possibilities as far as the time and regeneration settings. So I can't view it as an either or question.


I can say that I generally prefer reverb for clean (Fender amp) type sounds and delay for dirty sounds (though I usually opt for no delay or reverb on my dirty signal).


Ultimately it really depends on what the player wants. If the goal is to add a spring reverb sound to an amp that does not have reverb, the delay will never do that. A good reverb pedal will get you closer. However, if the goal is to add a subtle bit of air to the signal - the delay can do that as well as much more.

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