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the thd in my opinion is about the best on the market.

i have one that i run my jcm 800 through and it performs great at the low volumes while your amp is turned up to cook those valves and give you that sweet tone while not getting the neighbours upset

the different settings on it means that you will find the one that suits what volume you would like to play at.

i have tried the marshall powerbrake too but i found the sound at lower volumes was nothing like the sound that you should be getting where as the thd has the tone and i would recommed that you check one out at your local music store and see for yourself.

hope this helps

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It seems to be the best one out there. With any power attenuator, don't expect to get the tone of a cranked up amp at whisper levels though, there's more to that sound than just cooking the power tubes - you need to push air. However, they're good for getting a decent tone at moderate levels that will keep your neighbors from hunting you down with pitchforks and torches.

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I bought one today and have been playing it for over an hour.

Its very sweet to say the least.

I find the unit didnt get very hot. I guess I didnt play it long enough.

The tubes were glowing though! lol


It let me acheive that creamy "Brown sound" easily without shaking the foundation

of the house. I bought it new for $299 CDN

I now have no use for overdrives....

Great buy...I am most pleased.

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I was getting concerned. After an hour mine didnt get hot.

I guess you have to play for a while before that happens.


I keep mine set at -12db. Since im a newbee do you have any tips to pass along?


Make double sure the speaker connections are made before you power up the amp. I've almost forgotten them a time or two while setting up. I only use the -4 and -8 settings. The -12 setting sounds too compressed to me, but it's OK for home practice.


Have you experimented with the bright and deep switches? They make a difference in sound.

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I apologize' date=' but what does it do? I have never heard of this.[/quote']


No need to apologise. You don't see these things every day.


Attenuators or Power Soaks allow you to run you amp at high output levels but sit between the output stage and your speaker. They litterally soak up the power and allow a fraction of the signal to reach the speaker.


Hence you can run your amp at its optimum output levels where the output valves are contributing to the breakup overtones and harmonics without laying waste to your entire neighbourhood. Plus you'll still be on a promise later on that evening.


Some people even use them at gigs just so they can use power tube distortion rather than pre-amp tube distortion, getting their amp in the 'sweet-spot' where otherwise it would be too loud. This is especially true when you are mic'ing up your amp through the PA and have it in your foldback monitors. Running it too loud on stage and everybody else in the band will be cursing you!


They generally work very well, the only side-effect being that your power amp tubes will not last so long. The THD Hotplate and the Marshall Power Brake are the two I've come across the most.


Hope this helps.





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No' date=' You can only use a Hotplate on a tube amp.

You cant use them on solid state amplifiers.[/quote']


Agreed, even if your amp is a Valve/Solid state Hybrid, you cannot/must not use a power soak. The exception would be if you had a hybrid amp with power tubes and a solid state preamp like some 70's Music Man amps (most hybrids have valve preamps and solid state power amps).


Thinking on a bit, the Line6/Bognor Spider Valve could also use one as, unlike the rest of the Line6 range, it has a Valve power stage. Has anyone got one of these modelling/valve hybrids? I was tempted enough to check one out in the store and was impressed with its range of sounds. I thought I'd wait a while to find out how reliable they are! Sorry to go off topic a bit, perhaps you could PM me if you have one?

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I paid $299 Canadian.

I could have bought one used for $250, but for the extra $49 Id rather have new.


If you can swing it, you wont be disappointed. It really wakes up your amp.

I mean whats the sense of owning a Ferrari if you NEVER drive it above 55mph!

You are never really tapping into its sweet spot.

These amps are designed to be pushed, but most never are.

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