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For the Japan market, USA SG w/one P90


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Is anyone here familiar with this one?


I understand that they were also made with a pastel yellow and a pastel green finish. I'm lucky, I got the pink one.


I was told that they were sold in Japan, but otherwise, I'm not quite sure how to identify it.


It's a nice guitar - but I've not seen a lot of info about them.









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Ooh! I thought the bevels were the carves/contours' date=' on the inner bits of the horns![/quote']


You're right. People are referring to the scoops in the horns.


The old horns also taper off towards the tips.


By the way. When I said "no better than my '06" that sounded kindof condescending.


What I was really meaning was that modern Gibson isn't as bad as people say. I was mainly commenting that you bevels are normal for modern Gibson.

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