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Let's see your J-45s (and other slope dreadnoughts)


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I'm looking to get a new acoustic guitar and I've always loved the Gibson J-45 -- there's something about the body shape and that beautiful Gibson sunburst that is so timeless. That and I love the vintage folksy tone that is so unique to that guitar. I just don't know what one to get. There's the standard model, the true vintage model, and the legend model (probably out of my price range), as well as similar guitars like the Advanced Jumbo, the Southern Jumbo, the J-35, and the original jumbo. I'd be interested in seeing any and all pics of these guitars that you guys have!


I'm particularly interested in seeing any of the special edition models from Fuller's Vintage Guitar -- whether it be the red spruce J-45s or the J-35 reissues. Thanks and I look forward to seeing your pictures and reviews!

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Top: Epiphone Masterbilt DR500M, Gibson J35 Fuller's Reissue; Gibson J160E Standard; Epiphone Elitist J200

Middle: Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500RC 12 fret; Gibson Advanced Jumbo; Epiphone Elitist McCartney Texan; Epiphone Elitist McCartney Texan; Epiphone Elitist Texan; Gibson Advanced Jumbo Maple Short Scale; Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500R

Bottom: Epiphone EL00; Fullerton Blackwood




Gibson J45 Vine; Gibson J185 Vine




Red 333

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