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double neck machines heads


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why are you replacing them?





I'll ask the same question Why?, If you're having tuning problems right now it's because the strings aren't properly locked (at least that what it looks like from the picture). If it's something else you can get replacements here: http://www.wdmusic.com/shop_by_category_tuning_machines_kluson_6_in_line.html


More pictures!!

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My first advice is to call Gibson Customer Service at 800-444-2766.

Since you're out of the USA, I tried to call for you but got no answer.


Second, send them an email. The address is service@gibson.com


Include the serial number for the guitar and ask them where the original tuners came from.



Contrary to popular belief, Gibson didn't make the tuners.

Many different companies did including Grover, Kluson, Schaller.

You might be able to find new replacements that fit perfectly.


Grover offers a replacement, but I don't know how accurate it is. The holes must be the correct diameter.





And to add on to the question posed by Riverside, what exactly is wrong with the tuners?

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guitar dater says:


Kalamazoo Plant, USA

February 15th, 1978

Production Number: 83


Now, what has been put on the fretboard of the 6 string side? Have you tried pulling the tuners and lubricating all of them? they look like they should still be in pretty good shape. also people are right about the wrappings: it won't hold a good tune if the strings are wrapped like that.

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Yeah, digital photography can be tricky with the way it interprets light but that neck looks like it's covered with motor oil to me....


I called Gibson Customer Service this morning.

They said there's not much in the way of records on guitars built before 1988.

They have no idea who made your tuners but recommended allparts.com for replacements.

Be sure to accurately measure the shaft diameter of your existing tuners.


The production date is as TBone states, and the body should be three pieces of Mahogany.

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I can tell you from the photos that the tuning machines on this guitar were manufactured by Kluson.


Not nessecarily.


If you look closely, the tuners are branded "Gibson Deluxe" just like the modern ones which are manufactured by Grover.


I'm not saying they are Grovers. I don't know what they are. I'm just saying I don't think they're Klusons.

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i have send mail to klusons and to thomann

i wait ... and i tell the answer to you


Dub-T-123 : Dunlop Crybaby is definitively the best (the old one)




ps 1 : i am going to send an email to groover so


ps 2 : if i find unused tuners (machines heads) i am going

repaired to the old by my watch (a man who's repair watch)!


english is no easy !!!!

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Wow I love the color of the back of the necks. That is a beautiful guitar.


Don't worry about your English. I could understand you perfectly. You're much better at speaking English than I am at speaking French.


And yes, I love my CryBaby. It's only around 10 years old but it is modeled after a vintage one so it sounds very similar. I'm thinking about doing a red Fasel mod on it to make it more authentic.


By the way, do you own any other guitars? With a 1275 like that I'm sure you have some cool axes :-

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yes Bud-T-123,


i am 53 years old ....so seventeen guitars

only gibson, martin and ovation !


my son is a guitar teacher : i have bought epiphone (for the biginning)

and JS satriani (ibanez)


combo marschall and line 6 (spider valve 112)


and two f(u)ck(i)ng vintage hands [biggrin]

and ten f(u)ck(i)ng vintage fingers [blink]



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i have found two possibility on http://www.wdmusic.com/kluson_6_on_plate_nickel.html



Kluson® six on a plate replacement tuners for Gibson® 12 string, Explorer® , non-reverse Firebirds® , Trini Lopez®, Epiphone® 12 string Riviera®, etc. Use with SD91MLN R for 12 string applications.






Item #: SD91MLN L DR

Kluson® 6 On a Plate Tuners in Nickel/Oval Metal Button. Replacement for Gibson® 12 string, Explorers®, Non-Reverse Firebirds®, Trini Lopez®, Epiphone® 12 string Riviera®, etc. "Kluson® Deluxe" is stamped in 2 lines on casing. Use with SD91MLN R DR for 12 string applications.




I do not understand what it means : "double row"


thank you in advance


oups also : good thanksgiving

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