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Silenced Fred

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Ditto Axe.


Be some BIG changes if they let me run the show around here....




Don't know the Jocko story, I have to give him his due for the time he spent here.

Duane seems to be fair in his assessment of the forums, though I lost count of how many of MY posts went POOF!



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Speaking for me only, it's really no bother[cool]


For the better part I enjoy moderating both the Gibby and Epi forums, and for the most part I genuinely enjoy all the colorful and talented individuals that paint both forums like no other guitar forums on the web[biggrin] .... It's truly been my pleasure[cool]

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Sorry for causing you any additional grief or work.


I'm not. You wanted the job.:-$ I think anyone who puts their head up for a job better be prepared to get it blown off in the process.


Nah...you're OK. Considering you've only deleted a 1/2 dozen of my posts for some reason only you'll know.


Merry Festivus Mr. Mod.[biggrin]

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