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Sheraton question

Silenced Fred

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Sheraton in question


Does the pickguard look weird to anyone else? I had no idea they made white Sheratons. I would love to buy one like this' date=' made in 1992 (same year I was born) and I love white guitars.


Just thought it looked funky[/quote']


The E looks off to me, and the way that the PG is attached to the bracket looks weird.

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To me the Epiphone pickguards are ugly & it due to the "E" on it. That's prpbably why Johm Lennon took it off. There is a local place by me that natural Casino for sale with a white aftermarket pickguard on it & looks much better.



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I had a '92 Korean Sheraton and the pix of the one I had look really close to the pix of this white one - except for the color.


Differences - my Sheraton had the SN printed on the back of the headstock - not on a sticker. The SN has an "S" before it. Maybe it was made in a different factory. Also, my pickguard had a phillips screw head visible where it attaches to the bracket - the white one appears to be riveted or something. Other then that, the pickguard looks close.


I wonder what's the deal with the SN on the sticker?


Here's some pix of the one I had:






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It's normal. The printed-on logo on the pickguard was used on the first quality Japanese Epiphones (not the EA-250 and such) until the late 90s or early 2000s, when they switched to the stick-on logo with the rounder, Kalamazoo shape.


I don't know what guitar everyone else is seeing, but the bracket on that looks just like the one on my Casino. Phillips head on both ends.


White was also a finish option earlier on. It was discontinued at some point because it didn't sell - just like the black Casinos. You don't see many of either.


As far as the serial number goes, it looks like it was a second, probably due to some finish flaw. Other than some of the Japanese models which had stickers like that, all of the serial numbers would be stamped on the headstock or printed on the inside label. I could be wrong. I do know, however, that the seller claiming the serial number making it a 1992 model isn't true - before 1993, the serial number was random and didn't reveal any date or factory information.



Also, for future reference, take this to the Epiphone forum. For the most part, the people here have little to no idea what they're talking about when it comes to Epiphones.

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Does the pickguard look weird to anyone else?


Yes, but that is how they look. I hated the pickguard on my early 90s Sheraton so I took it off and never looked back. It does mount oddly. Not sure who designed it. They should have known better.


If you are asking about purchasing this guitar, I would give my thumbs up. The early 90s, Made In Korea Sheratons are pretty nice and light years better than the Made In China drift wood models you see in stores now. Pickups can be dull or microphonic, but if you had the cash you'd go all the way and get an ES335, right?

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