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The Gibson SG Yearbook game!

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Came up will a little somethin' if you know what I mean to do in spare time for people.


So basically, you need to post a picture of an SG Standard from every year in order.


Here is here your setup will be.



( Year ) ( [ IMG]PICTURE OF SG [/i MG] ) [without the space between I and MG]



Here is an example.



2009 Sg2.jpg




(randomly picked that picture and a year)


Then the next person will find a picture of 2010 and post the picture, and so on.


Only 1 picture and year per thread.


When its all the way to 2010, I will post all the pictures below here and post the name of who posted the picture and year here.



So.... Start with 1961 baby!

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verly early 1971 Gibson SG 200 (no contour carvings around the body)






1967 SG MM (not completely original)






2008 Gibson SG Faded (upgraded with a Bigsby en old LP pickups and vintage volume-tone knobs




1988 SG 90 Double





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