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A "gold" HNGD to me.


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I placed an ad in the Austin Craigslist looking for a goldtop and got 4 replies. This one was $300 with extra parts ready to mod (pots, switch etc.).


Finish is perfect and it plays beautifully.



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One thing I won't be doing is swapping pups. The stock P90's sound great.


Agreed, I actually picked 1 up when i was trying out my new amp in the store just to see what all the fuss is about with P90's must say I liked the tone

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I have to agree. These Korean Goldtop '56s are just the most awesome guitars. I'd never trade mine. They play great and are really well crafted down to all details.

I'd not modify mine in any way, but I wonder how those old good looking tuners are? I never had a guitar that stays in tune as good as this does with its Groovers.


I enjoy my Firebird VII a lot coz it has showed me how good guitar the Goldtop is in comparision #-o

I could never stand up playing the Bird, it's so unbalanced and neck heavy it's just not to deal with.

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Congrats on that!! Beautiful!!! I love my '56 Goldtop! Definitely a great playing, great sounding extremely cool guitar!


And I agree, the stock pickups sound GREAT!!!!!


Here's a clip of me playing mine with the stock pickups:







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HNGD there TheX, great deal for sure.

A guy here local has one with the soft/hard foam shell case for 375.00, but with the move I am making and the cost of gas no way to afford it right now :-k sure would love one tho!

S# I05050812 so it's a made in Saein Plant, Korea/China

May 2005.

He got it just to add to his collection so he could say he had a gold top and never played it really.

Damn the bad luck!


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