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Since the Epiphone site was down all weekend, I did a little poking around and found something quite interesting. I thought I would share it with everyone else because I read once or twice about some of the guys/gals complaining that they had a hard time getting their Epis tuned, or experiencing or tuning related issues.


I'm sure that the more savvy folks here probably already know what is discussed in the article, but others less savvy, myself included, could actually benefilt from the info. So here ya' go, happy reading.



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I use a Fender stage tuner pedal and I get the dancing led syndrome frequently. I usually do the 12th fret harmonic thing and compare it to the fretted 12th and the open and get somewhere close to tune. Sometimes when people are doing their little jam thing and warming up before practice, I get the same thing going on. Sometimes it's just the guitar acoustically picking up the vibrations of the bass or the drums and transferring the energy to the strings. When it's quiet, tuning is easier. I have also found that turning down the volume control on the pickup I'm using helps.


I use a Seiko electronic needle tuner at home and use it also to set intonation dead on. This tuner is very accurate and when the needle is at 0, you are completely accurate, at least for the picking technique you are using at the time. It's hard to read a silver faced needle tuner on a darkened stage, though.


Our keyboardist has changed over from the Kurweil stage piano to the Yamaha Grand (church praise band) because she just feels more creative behind the grand. It's temperamental to the seasons and changes with the humidity. This week it's gone a little sharp and the piano tuner has to come in about every 3 months to keep it close. I like electronic keyboards for this reason.


That article was really helpful and should be in a sticky post for everyone to read.

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