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Gimme a "T" for Texas, Gimme a "T" for Tennessee...


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Well the Ultra arrived today[biggrin] and just got in myself a bit

ago. Dropped in a set of pups outta my LP Custom, Slight neck

adjust and a fresh set of DiAdario's. Stretch-Hurry-Wait-Stretch...

Got a couple shots and wanted to thank everybody for puttin'

up with my quizzing, (pickups), And also thank one of our very

own, "guitarticocean". Had a couple opportunities to speak

with this gentleman and a nicer guy you couldn't meet. Sorry for

my inabilities with photography#-o The Texas/Tennesse ref is

the Utras travels...

Thanks everybody!!!


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Looks sharp. I like the open coils. That's my current favourite look for a Les Paul, some kind of burst finish with open coils. Zebras are even better, especially on a honey burst finish with cream plastics. Mmm.


Just like this


Needs a pickguard though.


I wish Epi would make a satin version of their standard finishes, something less glossy. Something like the Les Paul Standard Mahogany, but in a nice burst instead of plain Worn brown or Worn Cherry. And at the same, low price of the Standard Mahogany.

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Hey Swoop-

Yes sir, The new pups, (enroute), are creme/black. After I put these other

Epi pups in I'm kinda rollin' around the idea of putting the new Rockfields

in my LP +top amber instead. I don't know, I'll figure it all out, I spoze...

Thank ya' sir!

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Wow......another "beaut" !

Between the new Ultra, and the MK you've got the corner on bodacious quilt tops, thats as visually stunning as any geet i've ever seen !


BTW, i'll give ya a "T"........for, TIDE.......y'know, the Crimson variety........Goooooo Bama!! Roll Tide Roll !!!

After we beat Florida on 12/5, we may well be playing the Longhorns for National............[biggrin]

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Beautiful guitar, tgi!


My Ultra is my "go to" guitar ... five nights a week it travels down to the Vegas Strip where it can be heard playing "a little bit of country and a little bit of rock 'n roll!"


Aside from setup, mine is still bone stock, but I've been thinking how nice a set of "zebras" would look against that cherryburst top! Hmmm ... future project, perhaps???


Enjoy that great axe, pard ... may all your notes be "twangy" ones!



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