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my '56 GT. i get endless compliments from other players on my tone. the stock p-90's in this guitar have a beautiful clarity and bite. all i do is dirty it up a bit with a clean boost pedal (fulltone fatboost3) but never get insane. i am very heavy-handed. i play the living f out of it here at home, gigs and practice and it has never gone out of tune. this is a korean-made guitar i bought for 499 w/case and free shipping from gc.com. an absolutely silly deal. i have a friend with an LP studio that he has to tune after every song. i have another who has a firebird - also - needs to be tuned after every song. great guitars - i'm not knocking gibson. i love them. i'm just bragging about my good fortune and absolute steal-of-a-deal.

thanks for reading. i'm done now.

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I guess I'm just nutzo... I didn't want one with the P90's..?

Really wanted one with the general ol' bucker look. I've heard

a couple soundbytes with the P90's and they sound real good,

I didn't have a problem with the tones. Just searched and

searched 'til I found what I was lookin' for..? I did go ahead

and change out the stock pups with the DiMarzio Tone Zone

and Air Norton. Did the pots/caps/wiring too. I'm really pleased

with the overall feel, looks and tones I get with it. 'Spose I'll

get in under the "clause" as GT's go... Super nice guitars,

No two ways about it!! .02


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Congrats. I love my GT too. I'm not a P90 guy' date=' I have tried to like them in a few guitars, but I use too many pedals and P90s don't like pedals. I threw a pair of Gibson Minis in it and I am in love again. GTs just look soooo nice.




love the mini hum look. i was thinking of swapping out for the duncan p-90's but i just love this sound i have now. so, i'm thinking "buy another guitar". life is good.

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