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Any modded Wildkats out there?


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Screw Santa...erm Satan. This is the plan:

Replace the B70 with a B3.

Fit a Compton bridge.

Replace the chrome P90 covers with some black ones.

Possibly replace pickups alltogether. maybe filtertrons

Replace black/chrome reflectors with something else. Gretsch arrows or chrome domes.

Fit a short b/w/b 335-style pickguard.

Maybe fit some Sperzels.

Remove the silly plastic switchplate(what, I can't play solos with the neck PU?)

Fit new nut.

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Filtertrons (either the Gretsch High Sensitivity ones or the TV Jones versions) are low output humbuckers that have a distinctly smaller footprint than the dogear P-90's, so some sort of surround ring would be needed to cover the routs on a Wildkat.


The only mods I did to mine are the pearl-capped knobs, which I think look classier on the 'Kat (and also recap the fingerboard dots). I'm quite happy with the sound of mine, so I'm not planning any further mods. Here 'tis:


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Not to hijack this thread, but my 'Kat is due tomorrow and I hope the finish is as gorgeous as on Parabar's. I've noticed on pictures that some seem to have that slightly chequered finish - very classy - while others are a more plain (but nice) flame type finish. Variability in the finishing process?


I'm not considering any mods for mine...yet anyway!

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Chequered like Sledge's? Not finished that differently except the first coat is a black stain to bring out the stripes. Also tigerstripe maple has an almost 3d quality looking at it under a different angle or lighting.

Congrats on the Kat. They're really nice guitars. Here's mine, a Ltd Edition in Sunrise Orange:



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Interesting! Not having seen my new one in the flesh yet I'm curious as to the finish it has. And before you ask - there will be pics! Love the orange. I would have gone for that shade but it meant waiting another three months here!

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Interesting! Not having seen my new one in the flesh yet I'm curious as to the finish it has.

They're not all quite so prominent in the flame department. Mine is a Trans Black and it's a fairly dull one' date=' I've seen brighter even in this finish. In low light or indoors it looks more or less like this (forgive the "wild kittens", they're very curious):







But outdoors in bright light, or (in this case) with flash photography you get to see the flame more clearly:






Some of the other colours like the bright turquoise or whatever it is don't have a flame at all as far as I know. They all have really thick poly finish though.

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That one's checking the action.


Anyone ever put a pickguard on one of these? What string guage is best?


I use 10-46 because that's what it came with and it feels good. No reason why you can't go heavier or lighter. Most people here seem to like the heavy guages but I think those people are insane. I want my fingers to still work in 30 years time.


Pickguard, hell no... I'd have to drill holes in the thing, that ain't gonna happen.

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