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Fake guitar strings.


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Nope, but I hear there decent, from what I heard.

But it's a Jap. Gibby, and I am not one..

But, to each there own.. Really did hear they sounded and played good though...

Well lets say this, if you have played one you wouldnt be typing that.

Jap guitars are amazing, is ther really any bad jap guitar? (Cept the ones from late 60s. [mellow] )

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Are the strings any good?


Strings are just common wire from big spools that someone wraps a nice little ball end on and then puts in fancy little packages. Most wire is made in China or India --- for a list, take a look here: wire manufacturers listings


How often do we "get what we pay for?"

Sometimes I buy generic or store-label products. Most equal or are superior to the Big LOGO brand (because it's often the same Kellog's corn flake in a XXXXX box). So we're paying a premium to Big Logo..., to spew propoganda back at us to buy even more..., and that's really about all.


So did you buy a fake, or did you buy the very same wire?

Clearly you paid Big Logo price markup -- b/c you thought you bought a D'Addario.

But how do you know that a D'Addario is anything other than a D'Acheerios? What makes it better if the wire is the same China/India made wire?


I'm not saying counterfeits are okay. I am pointing out that buying LOGOS is a fools bargain (and it's a foregone conclusion that somewhere someone -- right now it's those savy Chinese -- will prey upon all ye who art foolish).


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on [cool]

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